Buah Keluak Fried Rice

What is Buah Keluak? The seed of the kepayang tree or what we call buah keluak, is one of the most famed ingredients in peranakan cuisine. To create a dish with it is truly a work of love as the raw seed contains cyanide and needs to be cured properly (boiling, burial in ground) before […]

Beef Rendang

What is Beef Rendang? Beef Rendang is a dry curry, meaning the beef is not swimming in gravy. The rempah is very rich and complex and painstaking to make, with over 15 ingredients inside. It is spicy, rich & “lemak”. The dry spices such as cloves, star anise, cinnamon & cardamom are dry fried prior […]

Dry Laksa

What is Dry Laksa? Laksa is a spicy, fragrant coconut milk-based noodle soup found across Southeast Asia, particularly Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia. It has its origins in Peranakan cuisine which has both Chinese & Malay influences. This Dry Laksa version as compared to the traditional gravy laksa is great as a pot luck dish for […]